"JAWS" Ultralight Shelter - just 11 ounces!  


Looks like a shark when pitched! Want a waterproof shelter that turns a top-quality bivy into a breathable micro-tent? The "JAWS Ultralight Shelter" puts you at 11 ounces and breathing easy. 

  • Easy and fast to pitch!
  • Entrance pole angle adjusts shelter height, plus entrance angle for stormier conditions. Drawstring reduces the opening size.
  • Very breathable via its high-quality waterproof material, sizable entrance, pitched roof space, and pulled-out sides.
  • Protects against bugs with its easy, no-zipper entrance netting.
  • Less claustrophobic than conventional bivy arrangement.

Enter or exit shelter vertically with quick release of front line. Once inside, re-secure shelter by simply pulling taut the front line again. Line never leaves its anchor stake for convenience and speed.  Bug net is sewn around top 3/4 of entrance, then simply hangs down to ground and folds under.  No zipper hassle/weight. Lifts to enter/exit shelter.

Dimentions:   27" across (at shoulders/head at maximum height)
       29" tall at highest hood point
       20" tall at highest head area
       72" long (sleeping area - hood flange extends 16" further)

Weight:  Approx. 12 oz. with pole, 11 oz. if using trekking pole


Bivy Conversion Instructions:

  • IN the FAST book

  • Items like camera, water-proof shell, repellant, small water bottle, pocket knife and map can be carried in your pockets or hip belt, to save on pack weight bearing down on your shoulders  and back.

  • Leave your pack open at night and away from your camp at least 50 feet, so a bear won't damage it searching for food. Foodbags, which should include packed items with ANY scent, should be stored at least 50 yards from camp. Making noise and yelling at bears is encouraged to help keep them at bay.

  • Items like your ultralight pack, spare socks, and garments can serve as a protectant and insulation between your sleeping bag and pad.

  • Equipment Links: www.
  *  gossamergear.com
  *  ursack.com
  *  westernmountaineering.com
  *  backcountry.com
  * zpacks.com
  * sixmoondesigns.com

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