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Ultralight Backpacking
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is the  fastest  way of getting  you  on the trail, using today's lightest recorded backpacking solution with full comfort and utility! The industry's top ultralight gear combines with savvy techniques to promote comfort and safety for backpacking–truly ultralight. fast is by far today's most current book on the subject, and forms a quick, effective, and optimal solution to get you off the research trail and onto a real one. fast primarily focuses on trips one week or less in length, spring through fall. Longer treks require little modification to fast's gear list or weight. fast's 777 solution boasts only 7+, 17lbs, 2-7 days! This is achieved using applied education alongside prioritized, well-researched equipment choices. The entire fast paradigm is contained to one chapter for quick grasping, while successive chapters provide more depth on key topics and new subject matter.

Endorsed by five ultralight equipment manufacturers and a world hikerr, the book is unique because it not only provides a practical knowledge base to ultralight backpacking, but it saves the reader from wading through countless information  to  attempt an  ultralight  trekking solution. fast's top-quality equipment list includes a full tent, airpad, pillow, wide 30-degree bag, ground sheet, large air pad, ample food, bear-resistant food container, down jacket, raingear, water filter, stove/fuel (for travel more than 3 days), personal items and more. Unlike some ultralight solutions, there is no need for homemade adjuncts, or weight reducing paradigms that are survival oriented. fast also unveils several tricks of the "ultralight magician" regarding trip strategies that maximize gear utility and overall safety for any form of nomatic travel or sport touring.

The book and its no-cost, follow-on, PDF file of the second edition,  covers: equipment; packing tips; knots; safety; backpacking technique; navigational basics and electronic devices; conditioning; stretching; pest prevention; shelters; latest materials; stoves, wildlife management, and camping logistics. Several important equipment websites are provided, which feature both time-tested gear and today's most cutting edge selections. The selected best shelters, stoves, and electronic navigational devices are  discussed and ranked, including product sites, usage reviews, and/or forum sites from experienced users.

fast enables speedier or longer daily mileage with much more comfort and less bodily stress, or simply more comfort over any duration. The book is also advantageous for motorcycle tourists, cyclists, campers, kayakers, backcountry skiers, and general nomadic  travel.

fast is fast, and furnishes an ultralight backpacking solution adjustable to any individual's comfort level. Its 7+ pound weight includes everything...even food! Don't be amongst those carryng a 30-45 pound pack weight.  Act fast and put this book at the top of your outdoor excursion list, or gift it to an enthusiast you know.

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